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Sittan: a continental European form of Seidr

What exactly is it that we teach at Mirkrida? Our tradition is called ‘Sittan’. But before I explain what that is, let me provide some important background information. Seidr is a term that has gained popularity and prominence in recent years. Especially through series such as Vikings. Tattooing a Vegvisir or Valknut is done by many people, just like wearing a Mjolnir around the neck. These symbols are often expressions of admiration for ‘the culture of the Vikings’, who were …

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Our home library

One of the questions we hear the most is “which books do you read to learn about Seidr?” David and I read many books and our home library is always growing. There isn’t one book about Seidr in existence that will tell you everything, and a book is not the same as learning Seidr with a community and a teacher. But books are an invaluable source of information and inspiration, that can lead to certain insights. And, of course: books …

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