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    Frau Holda is an ancient mother goddess of Northwest and Central Europe. She is a spinning goddess, connected to time and the natural cycle of life and death. In recent years there has been increasing (renewed) interest in this goddess, but knowledge and information about her are sometimes difficult to find. It is also possible that you feel a connection but do not know how to make contact with Frau Holda or where to start. In this course, I share…

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    What this retreat will bring you: -A deeper connection with your body -Rest and relaxation -Connection to the Dark Goddess in the appearance of Vrouw Holle and Frau Perchta – Folk wisdom from Western- and Central Europe -Connection with your home and hearth – A moment for yourself every day – That you can start the new year with confidence You will receive a welcome gift with 13 kinds of incense (fair trade and made of natural ingredients) dried mugwort,…

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