We offer our Wheel of the Year Celebrations as a Hands-On course ‘Ceremony and Ritual in the Germanic Northwestern European Tradition’. During these annual celebrations, we want to walk ‘The Way of Wyrd’ with you. Every year celebration we take a step on the wheel, on the Web of Wyrd. On the Northwest European Year Wheel, you will become acquainted in practice through various ritual ways and you will learn to work in a concrete ceremonial way with the subjects below.

Each of these 8 celebrations is dedicated to:

© Naomi Mirkrida & David Black Boar

The Web of Wyrd

On this web the 3 Norns, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld, weave together our daily deeds into the threads of our life web. You learn to gain insight into your destiny and the influence you exert on it through your deeds and actions on the path that we walk on the Web of our life threads. Hands On!

© Naomi Mirkrida

The World- and Tree of Life

Ygrdrassil is the Axis Mundi, the world axis, of the Cosmos in which all 9 worlds, including our own Midhgard, have a place. At the Ygrdrassil, Odhin sacrificed his little self to pure consciousness. The Great Self.

To gain insight into the structure and laws of the cosmos. For 9 days and 9 nights, he broke the resistances in his own energy centers, his chakras, his ‘hvel’, his energy wheels. Through this, he connected himself with the 9 worlds and brought the tree, the cosmic energy flow, into consciousness within himself. He became the tree and the tree became his mount with which he could travel all worlds, all states of consciousness, within and outside himself. As above, so below, as within, so without. Learn to travel the web, all roads, and all ways.

© Hanna Geels

The Runes

The Runes are not just letters. They are symbols, gates, and ways that we can activate in ourselves through Galdr: breath, voice, and song and Stadha: posture, movement, and ecstatic dance.

 As Odhinn through his sacrifice found the Runes and screamed into himself and then gave them to us to work with. To make ourselves our own. To write, read and interpret. To travel with. To sing and dance along. And to speak. Unlock the knowledge and wisdom of the Multiverse in the Runes. Unlock yourself to the Self.

© Naomi Mirkrida

The 9 worlds

Through Ygrdrassil and the Web of Wyrd, all worlds are connected to our world, Midgard. Together 9, the Germanic number of completeness. Through ritual work on the web, through magical Seidr work in and with the landscape, and through the sweat lodge ceremony we teach you to make contact with the 9 worlds and the beings that inhabit these worlds.

In the sweat lodge, fire and ice/water come together to generate life-giving steam. Just like in the Ginnungagap, the mythical ‘Magically charged gorge at the beginning’ from which all life and worlds originated in Northwestern European mythology. Because of our soul and blood kinship with the Gods and beings who inhabit these worlds, we can descend within ourselves and rise above ourselves to go outside of ourselves. To become ecstatic. To visit these worlds and make contact with the Gods: Aesir and Vanir and the Landvaettir: Alfir (Elves), Duergar (Dwarves), Jötun (Giants) and with our Ancestors. Connecting is Remembering the Self and Expressing yourself.

© Elisa Maenhout

Ginnungagap sweatlodge

We combine the Northwest European traditions with the Ginnungagap sweatlodge. Sweatlodge and fire ceremonies for cleansing and initiation have been practiced worldwide. 

With our sweatlodge ceremonies we connect with our many ancestors, and invite them to be in the lodge with us.  The steam, the stones, the dark and the water in the lodge help us to see things differently, and people often feel reborn after the sweatlodge ceremony. In the sweatlodge we work with Galdr and guided trances. We wear clothes in the sweatlodge that are comfortable and light. We work with four rounds which all have their own function (silence, becoming ecstatic. confrontation, relaxation). After each round the door of the sweatlodge will be opened for fresh air and a sip of water.

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