Online sessions

Each month we offer you one or two online sessions, also known as “Sittan shorts”.

These sessions offer you an accessible way to learn more about a specific subject.

The sessions are open to everyone. 

If you are new to Sittan, they might give you an idea of the tradition and how we work.

If you already have experience in the Sittan tradition, these sessions might deepen your knowledge. 

Examples of Sittan shorts (coming soon):

Price: all online sessions cost between €19 and €39 euros, based on the intensity of the work we will do together. 

© Jeanine Schot-Schuil

Working with the ancestors

The ancestors have an important role in the Sittan tradition.

When you start learning in the tradition, sooner or later you will be told about Naomi’s ancestors who practiced and taught Sittan.

It is their wisdom that tells us how to work with healing rituals and how to create Tovers.

Next to that, you will also learn how to connect to your ancestral field, no matter where you are from, you have magic in your field. And we will help you to reconnect with that through the strong ancestors in your web.

© Hanna Geels

Individual Sittan training

Currently only available in-person in The Netherlands:

Individual Sittan lessons.

You can follow the Sittan Basic Course with me in six or seven individual lessons if you don’t like to study in a group.

It is also possible to book an individual session about a specific subject. 

If you speak Dutch or English and can travel to The Netherlands, you can book an individual lesson.

I’m currently not offering individual training online. 

Contact me to make arrangements. 

The fee for the complete individual Sittan training including intensive personal guidance is €1250

The fee for a single individual session is €75

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