Frequently asked questions

Anyone can. If you are interested in learning Seidr in a down-to-earth way you are more than welcome. Our courses are for everyone. We don’t tolerate any form of exclusion or discrimination

Our basic courses in Seidr are a mix of audio, video lessons, Q&A videos on request, assignments, texts, additional PDF’s and practical exercises. We do work with historical sources but first and foremost this is a practical course. Which means that you will learn how to work with various techniques for trance journeying, chanting, divination and more. We encourage you to find combinations that work for you personally, working with your body, your soul, and your senses.

When you are logged in you can start studying immediately. Go to the page of the course you purchased and click on the “start course” button.

You can ask questions in every lesson of the course, and per email, see the contact page

Click on your name at the above right corner. Then click on the settings tab. This is where you can change your password.

Yes. All videos have been recorded with a high quality camera and microphone. Some internet browsers block the option to switch the quality of the video. If you don’t see this option it might be because of the browser you are using. Especially Safari is known to block this option. We advice to watch the video lessons with Chrome or Firefox. 

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