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About Naomi&David

Naomi and David were married and handfasted in 2022. They met during their training in Northwest European Shamanism back in 2017.  

They have followed several trainings and will continue to do so in order to develop themselves and to continue to improve their offerings in the Sittan tradition.

Mirkrida Sittan&Animism works with several core values:

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Naomi was born and raised in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Coming from a mixed Dutch/German family, Naomi grew up with several customs. As a young child she had several experiences with spirits and could see the energyfields of the people around her. Growing up, she found her own ways of dealing with this, but her path was one of solitude for the whole duration of her childhood. As a young woman she found her way back to the Sittan tradition through Shamanism and Seidr, and she is here to offer Sittan to more people, in order to help them find their way back to their own traditions. 

Naomi’s education:

2008-present: Genealogical research

2010: Reiki 1 Usui system

2012: Reiki 2 & Reiki 3 Usui system

2017: Northwest European Basic Course&Seidr by Linda Wormhoudt

2018: Advanced course in Northwest European Shamanism by Linda Wormhoudt

2018: Mourning Woman training by Linda Wormhoudt

2019-2022: Waterpourers training by David Black Boar

2020-present: Bachelor Cultural Heritage by Amsterdam University of the Arts

2022: Matrona Course by Het Vrouwenrad

2022: Old Ways for Modern Days (animism for families) by Jenn Campus

2022-2023: Specialisation in Storytelling, oral history and Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology (Bachelor Cultural Heritage) 

2022-present: Mentorship by Izih Deer Kam

2023: Unearthed by Danica Boyce 


David was born and raised in the Southeastern mining region of Limburg, The Netherlands. From the moment he could read, he read everything he could find on spirituality and religion. David has specialised in working with runes, hands-on, and Teutonic esotericism. 

Davids education:

1996: Bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Development studies by  Radboud University Nijmegen

1998: Bachelor Political Philosophy by Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

2015: Basic year in Shamanism by Spiritueel centrum de Regenboogslang

2015: Firekeepers training

2017: Waterpourers training

2017: Basic Course Northwest European Shamanism&Seidr by Linda Wormhoudt

2018: Advanced course in Northwest European Shamanism by  Linda Wormhoudt













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