Sittan: a continental European form of Seidr

What exactly is it that we teach at Mirkrida? Our tradition is called ‘Sittan’. But before I explain what that is, let me provide some important background information. Seidr is a term that has gained popularity and prominence in recent years. Especially through series such as Vikings. Tattooing a Vegvisir or Valknut is done by many people, just like wearing a Mjolnir around the neck. These symbols are often expressions of admiration for ‘the culture of the Vikings’, who were …

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Our home library

One of the questions we hear the most is “which books do you read to learn about Seidr?” David and I read many books and our home library is always growing. There isn’t one book about Seidr in existence that will tell you everything, and a book is not the same as learning Seidr with a community and a teacher. But books are an invaluable source of information and inspiration, that can lead to certain insights. And, of course: books …

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Ceremonies We offer our Wheel of the Year Celebrations as a Hands-On course ‘Ceremony and Ritual in the Germanic Northwestern European Tradition’. During these annual celebrations, we want to walk ‘The Way of Wyrd’ with you. Every year celebration we take a step on the wheel, on the Web of Wyrd. On the Northwest European Year Wheel, you will become acquainted in practice through various ritual ways and you will learn to work in a concrete ceremonial way with the …

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