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This course is for you if:

-You want to practice Seidr hands-on
-You want to engage in a dynamic ritual tradition
-You want to learn more about working with deities
-You want to learn how to trance journey
-You want to live closer to the seasons
-You want to connect with the spiritworld
-You want to connect with your ancestral field
-You want to learn more about the Germanic tribes of Northwest Europe
-You are capable of self-reflection and self-support
-You welcome positive change and new ideas into your life

This course is not for you if:

-You aren’t open to practicing ritual work/energywork
-You want to stay in your comfort zone
-You have a hard time working on your own
-You think that scientific or historical “proof” is more important than experiencing things yourself
-You think that it will be easy
-You believe there’s only love and light
-You are a far-right supporter or a racist in any other way


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introducing Seidr
1.1: What is Seidr and how to learn it with this course 00:10:00
1.2: Historical names of practitioners of Seidr and magic 00:20:00
1.3: Germanic languages 00:20:00
1.4: Germanic peoples from Northwest Europe 00:20:00
1.5: Seidr in the sources 01:00:00
1.6: Spiritual etiquette 00:15:00
1.7: Introducing trancework 00:45:00
1.8: connecting with a ritual rattle 00:13:00
Assignment: connect with your ritual rattle 3 weeks
Assignment: practice trance 3 weeks
Q&A videos for chapter 1 00:15:00
Chapter 2: The wheel of the year and Seidr cosmology
2.1: Introducing the Northwest european wheel of the year 00:45:00
2.2: The Seidrfield 00:30:00
2.3: The Seidrplatform and the high seat 00:30:00
2.4: The use of the hood/scarf 00:15:00
2.5: Yggdrasil 00:15:00
2.6: Trance journey to the Yggdrasil 00:18:00
2.7: Irminsul 00:20:00
2.8: Trance journey to the Irminsul 00:11:00
2.9: Trance journey through the wheel of the year 00:19:00
2.10: Germanic Cosmogony: the creation story 00:19:00
Assignment: create or find your Seidrstaff 3 weeks
Assignment: Trance journeying in two ways 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 2 00:25:00
Chapter 3: Seidr and the spiritworld
3.1: Introduction to the Seidrstaff 00:25:00
3.2: Seidrstaff trance into Ljosalfheim 00:25:00
3.3: Spirit helpers-Fylgja 00:20:00
3.4: Meeting your Fylgja 00:12:00
3.5: Spirit helpers-Disir/Idisi 00:15:00
3.6: Meeting the Witte Wieven 00:25:00
3.7: Domestic spirits 00:25:00
3.8: Landspirits 00:20:00
3.9: Staff trance through your surroundings 00:25:00
3.10: A guide to giving offerings 00:20:00
Assignment: Create an altar 3 weeks
Assignment: Map the energies around you 3 weeks
Q&A video for chapter 3 00:00:00
Chapter 4: Of gods and runes
4.1: The gods are not dead 00:20:00
4.2: Who are the Germanic gods? 00:45:00
4.3: Seidr gods-Freyja (trance) 00:17:00
4.4: Seidr gods-Odin (trance) 00:10:00
4.5: Seidr gods-Loki (guided trance) 00:20:00
4.6: Seidr gods-Angrboda (trance) 00:14:00
4.7: How Odin took up the runes 00:07:00
4.8: Taking up the runes (trance) 00:08:00
4.9: Runes- Many Mysterious Ways through the T(h)ree. 01:00:00
4.10: Runic analysis with David 00:34:00
4.11: Runic numerology with David 00:16:00
4.12: Creating a bindrune and Taufr with David 00:20:00
Assignment: Deepen your Seidr path 3 weeks
Assignment: Calculate your birth runes 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 4 00:00:00
Chapter 5: The ancestors and the underworlds
5.1: Who are the ancestors? 00:20:00
5.2: How to heal 00:15:00
5.3: Stepping back in time (guided trance) 00:30:00
5.4: Gullveig, Mother of Seidr (guided trance) 00:16:00
5.5: Where do our ancestors live? 00:10:00
5.6: Frau Holle’s realm (trance journey) 00:25:00
5.7: Tuonela (trance journey) 00:30:00
5.8: Helheim (trance journey) 00:22:00
5.9: Mourning rituals (Galdr) 00:30:00
Assignment: creating an ancestral altar 3 weeks
Assignment: mapping your ancestral field 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 5 00:00:00
Chapter 6: Wyrd and the soul
6.1: What is Wyrd? 00:15:00
6.2: The Norns (trance) 00:40:00
6.3: Into the Well of Urd (trance) 00:15:00
6.4: Walking the web of Wyrd (trance) 00:14:00
6.5: The Germanic soulaspects 00:30:00
Soulaspects 1: Adem/Athem 00:15:00
Soulaspects 2: Huid/Hyde 00:10:00
Soulaspects 3: Heug/Hugh 00:10:00
Soulaspects 4: Geest/Mind 00:15:00
Soulaspects 5: Gemoed/Mood 00:15:00
Soulaspects 6: Oerlaag/Orlaeg 00:10:00
Soulaspects 7: Wil/Will 00:10:00
Soulaspects 8: Woede/Wode 00:15:00
Soulaspects 9: Geluk/Luck 00:15:00
Soulaspects 10: Lijk/Leech 00:10:00
Soulaspects 11: Volgster/Fetch 00:10:00
Soulaspects 12: Merg/Maegen 00:10:00
6.6: Animated Wheel of the Year (Galdr) 00:30:00
6.7: Congratulations! 00:10:00
Share your feedback and ideas with me Unlimited
Q&A for chapter 6 00:00:00
Q&A archives
Q&A December 2021 00:22:00
Q&A January 2022 00:25:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Thorough, intriguing, and a great course to set you on your journey


    I found the basic Seidr Course with Naomi to be quite the amazing experience. Naomi structures the course in such a way that you never feel overwhelmed by the knowledge presented and simultaneously does an amazing job in getting you (the course taker) the learn the more intimate parts of Seidr for yourself through her guidance. Naomi does a beautiful job setting her students up for a great foundation within Seidr and leaves us with the tools necessary to take our practice to the levels we wish to take it. Much credit to David as well in his lessons on runes in connection to our Seidr practice. Over all I recommend this course to anyone looking to not only expand their knowledge of Seidr, but to get a great foundation to begin their long Seidr journey.

  2. An incredible journey


    Being a person living in Southamerica, it is wonderfull when the North Path calls you, but is difficult due to the great geographic distance. Digital ways facilitate nowadays the conection, and there I found Naomi, with real training possibility in Seidr. I knew I was going to learn a lot, and so it was. Tools, ways, quality theorical knowledge plus hard practical work through trance, conection, ancestral parctices that are possible to be studied and reinterpreted with respect and freedom, which I think is something every good and true path must have.
    From this point, there is a lot to keep going, training and experiencing, but this course gives the great general frame and standing points that any seidr practitioner must have, and also David gave us great tools and insights of the runes in this sense. I´m very thankfull.

  3. Great course


    This was an excellent course. Naomi does a great job breaking it down and walking you through the practice of seidr. I always felt safe and in control. This greatly expanded my understanding.

  4. Thank you!


    This was my first seidr course and it provided a lot of great information. It motivates me to keep learning and practicing! Thank you!

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