This course is for you if you:

  • Are you looking for the ritual roots of the Netherlands (Laagland) and the surrounding areas
  • Feeling a connection with Frau Holda and want to get to know her better
  • Are interested in European folktales about Frau Holda that are generally unknown and haven’t been translated into English before
  • Are interested in symbolism and rituals from The Netherlands and surrounding areas
  • Have no experience with trance journeys or ritual work, and want to discover if this is something that suits you
  • Do have experience with ritual work, but you are looking for a course that offers you alone time, a relaxed way to learn something new
  • Are interested in Seidr but the step to sign up for the Seidr of the Low Lands basic course feels too big right now
  • Want to take the time (one year) to learn more about Frau Holda, yourself, and important life themes
  • Want to reflect on themes such as birth, fertility, dying, death, rebirth, healing, and caregiving

After this course:

  • You have learned who Frau Holda is and what you can learn from her wisdom
  • You have gained knowledge about old, unknown folk tales from Northwest and Central Europe and the symbolism in them
  • You have experience with guided trance journeys and know what it feels like to be in a trance
  • You have made various ritual objects and learned how to work with them
  • You have been introduced to four runes and Galdr (ritual song)
  • You have insight into the themes that are important to you
  • You have deepened the contact with yourself
  • You are in contact with ancestral ritual traditions of the The Netherlands and surrounding areas

In this course you will work with:

  • Guided trance journeys (audio)
  • Folktales (audio)
  • Ritual crafts
  • Galdr
  • Runes
  • Herbs
  • Simple rituals

In the course, you use a digital workbook, which contains reflective questions that you can answer after listening to the folktales. The questions link up with the themes in the folktales and can give you insight into how you look at significant life themes.

  • After registration you have lifetime access to the course, meaning that you can work with the materials for as long and as often as you wish. 
  • The course consists of four parts, linked to the seasons
  • Because it is an online course, you can listen to the trance journeys and folktales as often as you like
  • Do you have questions or need support? Then you can reach me by email. It is also possible to ask a question under each lesson
  • After registration, you will receive a welcome package by post!
  • In the welcome package, you will find several things you need during the course
  • For the ritual handiwork, you need materials such as clay and fabric. You will find part of this in the welcome package, and you can take care of the other part yourself
  • For this course, you need a notebook in which you write down your experiences
  • It is possible to pay for the course in four monthly installments. Click here!
  • Are you unable to pay for the course in four installments, but do you still want to participate? Send me an email and we will discuss the possibilities
  • A payment obligation applies to all installment payments

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course 00:10:00
Instruction guided trances 00:05:00
Spring: The Bright Lady Holle
1: Mother Holda (folklore) 00:09:00
2: The House on the Mountain (trance journey) 00:27:00
3: Holda’ runes-Jera (video) 00:07:00
4: Holdemine and the Old Crone’s Mill (folklore) 00:12:00
5: Through the Well (trance journey) 00:30:00
6: The Honey Farm (folklore) 00:07:00
7: Kitchen Witch (ritual handicraft) 24 hours
Summer: The Red Holda
1: Huldrsaga (folklore) 00:07:00
2: Huldra&Huldrfolk (trance journey) 00:16:00
3: Holda’s runes-Nauthiz (video) 00:07:00
4: The Blue Flower (audio) 00:10:00
5: Fields Full of Flax (trance journey) 00:17:00
6: The Sickle (video) 00:10:00
7: Earth Mother (Ritual handicraft) 24 hours
Autumn&Winter: The Dark Grandmother Helle
1: Queen of the Heimchen (folklore) 00:10:00
2: Heimchen (trance journey) 00:20:00
3: Holda’s runes-Hagalaz (video) 00:10:00
4: The Kitten and the miracle ball of wool (audio) 00:05:00
5: Frau Perchta (trance journey) 00:16:00
6: Wild Hunt (trance journey) 00:21:00
7: A Heimchen (ritual handicraft) 24 hours
The 13 Holy Nights
Introduction to the Roughnights 00:10:00
Instruction: burning natural incense 00:05:00
Instruction: house cleansing 00:10:00
1: Mothernight Utiseta (trance journey) 00:21:00
2: Domestic spirits (trance journey) 00:29:00
3: Dark Grandmother (trance journey) 00:19:00
4: The Wagon of Vrouw Holle (audio) 00:15:00
5: Holda’s runes-Isa (video) 00:10:00
6: Food offerings 00:10:00
7: Perchta’s Healing (trance journey) 00:14:00
8: Voorloop (video) 24 hours
9: Cross-Eyed Gertie (folklore) 00:20:00
10: Vrouw Holle invocation (video) 00:10:00
11: Candle magic (video) 00:09:00
12: Braiding magic (ritual handicraft) 00:15:00
13: Rebirth of the goddess (folklore) 00:19:00

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