Mother goddess



The Roughnights: what are they about?

The Roughnights, it almost seems like everyone is talking about it, but what kind of nights are they exactly? The Roughnights are a translation of the German Rauhnächte. Called Rooknachten in Dutch. All these names refer to the darkest time of the year. Roughly the period from Midwinter to Three Kings Day on January 6. Mother’s Night used to be celebrated around Midwinter on December 21. A night dedicated to the great foremothers from Western and Central Europe. In other …

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The Matrons: a pilgrimage in Germany

It was a sweltering summer day when I and my friend Moniek left for Germany. We would stay in a small house between the hills for two nights and had a weekend to visit the various Matronentemples in the vicinity. For those who don’t know them yet: the Matrons are ancient mother goddesses of Europe. The image of the triple goddess emanates from them (but is probably even older). Hundreds of votive altars to the Matrons have been recovered. By …

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