This course is for you if:

-You want to practice Seidr hands-on
-You want to engage in a dynamic ritual tradition
-You want to learn more about working with gods
-You want to learn how to trance journey
-You want to live closer to the seasons
-You want to connect with the spiritworld
-You want to connect with your ancestral field
-You want to learn more about the Germanic tribes of Northwest Europe
-You are capable of self-reflection and self-support
-You welcome positive change and new ideas into your life

This course is not for you if:

-You aren’t open to practicing ritual work/energywork
-You want to stay in your comfort zone
-You have a hard time working on your own
-You think that scientific or historical “proof” is more important than experiencing things yourself
-You think that it will be easy
-You believe there’s only love and light
-You are a far-right supporter or a racist in any other way


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introducing Seidr
1.1: What is Seidr and how to learn it with this course 00:10:00
1.2: Historical names of practitioners of Seidr and magic 00:20:00
1.3: Germanic languages 00:20:00
1.4: Germanic peoples from Northwest Europe 00:20:00
1.5: Seidr in the sources 01:00:00
1.6: Spiritual etiquette 00:15:00
1.7: Introducing trancework 00:45:00
1.8: connecting with a ritual rattle 00:13:00
Assignment: connect with your ritual rattle 3 weeks
Assignment: practice trance 3 weeks
Q&A videos for chapter 1 00:15:00
Chapter 2: The wheel of the year and Seidr cosmology
2.1: Introducing the Northwest european wheel of the year 00:45:00
2.2: The Seidrfield 00:30:00
2.3: The Seidrplatform and the high seat 00:30:00
2.4: The use of the hood/scarf 00:15:00
2.5: Yggdrasil 00:15:00
2.6: Trance journey to the Yggdrasil 00:18:00
2.7: Irminsul 00:20:00
2.8: Trance journey to the Irminsul 00:11:00
2.9: Trance journey through the wheel of the year 00:19:00
2.10: Germanic Cosmogony: the creation story 00:19:00
Assignment: create or find your Seidrstaff 3 weeks
Assignment: Trance journeying in two ways 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 2 00:25:00
Chapter 3: Seidr and the spiritworld
3.1: Introduction to the Seidrstaff 00:25:00
3.2: Seidrstaff trance into Ljosalfheim 00:25:00
3.3: Spirit helpers-Fylgja 00:20:00
3.4: Meeting your Fylgja 00:12:00
3.5: Spirit helpers-Disir/Idisi 00:15:00
3.6: Meeting the Witte Wieven 00:25:00
3.7: Domestic spirits 00:25:00
3.8: Landspirits 00:20:00
3.9: Staff trance through your surroundings 00:25:00
3.10: A guide to giving offerings 00:20:00
Assignment: Create an altar 3 weeks
Assignment: Map the energies around you 3 weeks
Q&A video for chapter 3 00:00:00
Chapter 4: Of gods and runes
4.1: The gods are not dead 00:20:00
4.2: Who are the Germanic gods? 00:45:00
4.3: Seidr gods-Freyja (trance) 00:17:00
4.4: Seidr gods-Odin (trance) 00:10:00
4.5: Seidr gods-Loki (guided trance) 00:20:00
4.6: Seidr gods-Angrboda (trance) 00:14:00
4.7: How Odin took up the runes 00:07:00
4.8: Taking up the runes (trance) 00:08:00
4.9: Runes- Many Mysterious Ways through the T(h)ree. 01:00:00
4.10: Runic analysis with David 00:34:00
4.11: Runic numerology with David 00:16:00
4.12: Creating a bindrune and Taufr with David 00:20:00
Assignment: Deepen your Seidr path 3 weeks
Assignment: Calculate your birth runes 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 4 00:00:00
Chapter 5: The ancestors and the underworlds
5.1: Who are the ancestors? 00:20:00
5.2: How to heal 00:15:00
5.3: Stepping back in time (guided trance) 00:30:00
5.4: Gullveig, Mother of Seidr (guided trance) 00:16:00
5.5: Where do our ancestors live? 00:10:00
5.6: Frau Holle’s realm (trance journey) 00:25:00
5.7: Tuonela (trance journey) 00:30:00
5.8: Helheim (trance journey) 00:22:00
5.9: Mourning rituals (Galdr) 00:30:00
Assignment: creating an ancestral altar 3 weeks
Assignment: mapping your ancestral field 3 weeks
Q&A for chapter 5 00:00:00
Chapter 6: Wyrd and the soul
6.1: What is Wyrd? 00:15:00
6.2: The Norns (trance) 00:40:00
6.3: Into the Well of Urd (trance) 00:15:00
6.4: Walking the web of Wyrd (trance) 00:14:00
6.5: The Germanic soulaspects 00:30:00
Soulaspects 1: Adem/Athem 00:15:00
Soulaspects 2: Huid/Hyde 00:10:00
Soulaspects 3: Heug/Hugh 00:10:00
Soulaspects 4: Geest/Mind 00:15:00
Soulaspects 5: Gemoed/Mood 00:15:00
Soulaspects 6: Oerlaag/Orlaeg 00:10:00
Soulaspects 7: Wil/Will 00:10:00
Soulaspects 8: Woede/Wode 00:15:00
Soulaspects 9: Geluk/Luck 00:15:00
Soulaspects 10: Lijk/Leech 00:10:00
Soulaspects 11: Volgster/Fetch 00:10:00
Soulaspects 12: Merg/Maegen 00:10:00
6.6: Animated Wheel of the Year (Galdr) 00:30:00
6.7: Congratulations! 00:10:00
Share your feedback and ideas with me Unlimited
Q&A for chapter 6 00:00:00
Q&A archives
Q&A December 2021 00:22:00
Q&A January 2022 00:25:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Very thorough beginner’s course


    This beginners course offered more than I expected and I already expected great things from it 🙂
    Although I’m familiar with Germanic cosmology, the approachable and down to earth teaching style of the course gives the often academic or esoteric concepts depth through the actual practice of Seidr.
    I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in Seidr. Naomi and David are not just skillful practitioners and teachers they provide lessons and delve into topics in ways I’ve never seen them explained before.
    As an example, the Germanic Wheel of the Year is a framework they developed to illustrate all the seasons and how they interact and align with the nine worlds, Yggdrasil and the inhabitants of these places. However, students aren’t left with just an intriguing concept, we are also taught and encouraged to develop our skill in trancework & journeying through exploring and experiencing the concepts laid out in the year wheel in very tangible ways.
    This is only one example, there are many more takeaways from this course which I believe will enrich the practice of anyone interested in the workings of Seidr, whether you are an experienced practitioner of other magical frameworks or this is your first time delving into these arts.

  2. Excellent course about the theoretical and practical foundations of Seidr taught by a wise and passionate teacher


    The Seidr course by Mirkrida – School of Seidr is the perfect course to build a strong foundation for your personal and individual ritual practice on. Based on the rituals and magical practices of the Germanic peoples from Northwest Europe, you’ll learn different Seidr techniques, such as Trance Journeying, Galdr and divination, how to connect with gods, spirits and your ancestors.

    The course is grounded both in profound historical research and the teacher’s vast personal experience in the field. Naomi provides lots of easy to follow video tutorials, texts and academic papers to study with. I learned how to practice Seidr with this course hands-on: guided by the teachings I created my own ritual tools, connected with them and found my own songs to work with in ritual.

    The course is divided into six chapters that chronologically build upon each other. The assignments at the end of each chapter deepened my understanding of the teachings and encouraged me to adapt the techniques and ideas that Naomi shared in a way to make them really my own.

    You can work in your own time and at your own pace through this course; Naomi is always available to answer questions and provide feedback if you ask for it. She is a great mentor that teaches in a really graceful way by sharing her knowledge and personal experiences without forcing her opinions on her students at any moment. This is a rare and precious gift and really refreshing to see – considering the unfortunately widespread gatekeeping attitude that is present in a lot of pagan online communities.

    The teachings offered in this course by both Naomi and her husband David are far from the superficial and airy content you can easily come upon online when researching “norse” magic, rune work or mythology. Instead the teachers share concepts and ideas that they have developed and tested in their own year long ritual practice. The Northwest European Wheel of the Year as a strong basis for a lot of their workings is only one great example for this.

    I recommend this course to everyone who is interested in Seidr or Northwest European folk magic. No matter how little or how much knowledge you have beforehand, this course is going to expand your view on well-known topics and present you with exciting new practices to incorporate into your personal life.

    This course offers you profound knowledge and deep dives in a very accessible way. That being said the course can still be challenging at times, but is always deeply rewarding and in the end you will have gained knowledge that can serve and support you for the rest of your life.

  3. Wonderful Course!


    I am deeply grateful to Naomi and David for their commitment to this practice with authenticity and integrity. I feel like I learned so much and will be integrating this forever!

  4. Stunning and life changing


    This is clear, guided spiritual learning like I have nevwr been able to find anywhere else. Thank you for connecting me to my ancestors!

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