The thirteen days between December 24 (Mother’s Night) and January 6 (Vrouw Holle’s Day) are traditionally filled with traditions and stories.

In Western- and Central Europe (The Netherlands and Germany) it was common during this period to rest and turn inward.

But the most important thing was to thoroughly and carefully cleanse yourself and your home using the smoke of dried herbs or incense.

That is why we speak of the Rooknachten/Rauchnächte: ‘Smoke Nights’.

Vrouw Holle, Vrouw Perchta, and the Wild Hunt played an important role during this time.

When you register for this retreat you will be guided through this dark period for 13 days/nights.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Roughnights 00:20:00
Instruction: burning natural incense 00:15:00
Instruction: guided trance journeys 00:05:00
December 24: Mothernight/Utiseta (trance journey) 00:30:00
December 25: Domestic spirits (trance journey) 00:30:00
December 26: Vrouw Holle (trance journey) 00:25:00
December 27: Vrouw Holle’s Wagon (folktale) 00:15:00
December 28: Standing Still (rune exercise) 00:10:00
December 29: Traditional food offerings (video) 00:05:00
December 30: Perchta (trance journey) 00:20:00
December 31: Voorloop/Omen walk (video) 00:05:00
January 1: Cross-Eyed Gertie (folktale) 00:30:00
January 2: Vrouw Holle invocation (audio) 00:10:00
January 3: Candle magic (video) 00:30:00
January 4: Braiding ritual (video) 00:15:00
January 5-6: Rebirth of the goddess (audio) 00:30:00
Hedge: the end, or is it the beginning? 00:10:00

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  1. Relaxing & Magical


    A beautiful & worthwhile way to spend these holy days.
    I loved the variety of ritual, stories & trance journeys. Each lesson took less than half an hour which made it easy to follow the course each day. Thank you Naomi for another wonderful course!

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